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Texture Change Treatments / Types of Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatment – Economy Range

This comes under basic keratin treatment which helps in repairing damaged hair cuticle by making hair healthy. Also fondly known as Kerafusion treatment and can also be used as colour fusion treatment. This works on the outer layer of the hair. Enjoy silkier shiny smooth and naturally straight result. Ingredients include 0.1% formal de hyde, shea butter, olive oil, keratin protein, vitamin E & A, acai berry and silk protein.

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Remedy Curl Taming Elixer – premium range

A keratin which is hard on frizz & soft on hair. Tames the hair making in manageable by repairing and by controlling hair breakage. It restores the protein in hair which is lost over time. The main ingredients include tucuma seed butter, cysteine proteins ,acai barry extracts , Vitamin E & A ,sweet almond oil. The healing capabilities of tucuma butter absorb and eradicate free radicate that can be harmful for hair . Gives a naturally healthy looking result.

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Cysteine Protein Treatment – Luxury Treatment

By repairing 100% damaged hair it not only restructures the hair from inside but also makes the hair manageable. Also works on controlling hair breakage. It removes & cleanses hair from eradicate and free radicate bacteria. The introductory range of formal de hyde free keratin treatment. Even recommended for 12 yrs & above children as well. Contains Amazing ingredients like hydrolysed wheat protein, shea butter, cysteine protein and to specially mention the star ingredient, the world’s best healing flower dendrobibum orchid flower.

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Smoke free keratin – luxury treatment

Smoke free keratin which gives you similar result as a normal keratin but without smoke makes it safe and friendly on pregnant women, asthama patience and even 12 on a year-old child. It has absolutely no formal de hyde and no methane which are the actual components which causes discomfort. Now women who are pregnant do not have to wait to finish the period of delivery or breast feeding stage to get rid of their frizzy hair. Smoke free keratin makes it very much possible for them.

Note: upon detailed diagnosis and approval of technical director. Prior appointment mandatory.

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QOD – The famous Max Prime

The qod professional – max prime is specially developed by hair professional experts to control frizz for any hair type. The outlook can be controlled with our specialised technique.

The wonderful aspect of the treatment is the result can be customised to any final result you wish for.

Its has 265 protein molecules. The main natural ingredients zeyamiya starch, cysteine protein, keratin amino acid and silliqua seed extract. A chemical free treatment gets you envious ultimate results by making your hair better and better every time you do this treatment.

Note: upon detailed diagnosis and approval of technical director. Prior appointment mandatory.

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Organic Keratin:

This treatment helps in restoring natural protein in to your hair. This is also known as advanced protein infusion treatment. It strengthens the hair shaft. This treatment can take voluminous wavy hair into a manageable territory. It also helps to infuses the vital element keratin protein back in to each strand of the hair. They fill in the gaps in the hair cuticles and once Keratin is infused in to the hair – hair becomes healthier, straighter and much easier to style. Organic Keratin treatment eliminates the frizz factor from hair. Organic Keratin treatment protects hair from damaging UV rays and humidity.

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Men’s special keratin:

Hair texture change & correction treatments such as the use of Keratin are no longer indicated for women alone. In fact, keratin hair treatment for men is our specialised service.

Men, especially those who love long hairstyles, also need keratin treatment to make their hair shinier, smoother and straighter. Also adding more light to this Men’s special keratin treatment, it works on all hair types of any length and thickness. Hair treatments using Keratin can surely make curly and unruly hair among men smoother, manageable and easy to style. Just like with women, hair among men can greatly affect the looks. With a healthy-looking smooth textured hair which can be styled easily, you can surely turn the heads around.

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Brazilian blow out

This is the next famous alternative for traditional straightening of the hair. The ingredients include Methylene glycol, glycerine, cytearyl alcohol and behentrimonium methosulphate. Benefiting in Taming unruly, unmanageable hair, makes it straighter, manageable and controls frizz. Relaxes the front annoying baby hair.

Precaution: Watery eyes while doing the treatment.

Formal de hyde and methane-based product.

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Q&A By The Hair Expert @denuboy

Lets hear it from the Technical Director / celebrity stylist also known as Hair Magician of Hyderabad Edwin Denver! Peptalk about the keratin treatment.

What is Keratin & How Keratin Is Connect To Our Hair?

Keratin is nothing but a fibrous structural protein. We can find them in our hair, nails even in internal glands and organs. Technically speaking Keratin is the structural building block of our hair, some people believe that keratin supplements, products, and treatments can help strengthen your hair and make it look healthier.

Why Keratin?

Hair Expert, Edwin Denver says Basic Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent hair straightening/strengthening treatment that smoothens, adds shine and silkiness to unmanageable frizzy hair!”

Who Can Get Keratin Done?

Hair expert Denver Edwin says , keratin is suitable for all hair types. Any one who is wanting to remove the frizziness in the hair and do not wish to go for any high level chemical treatments like permanent smootheing and straightening, this is a safer and better alternative option.

He adds further, that the client has to always consult a technical expert from a reputed salon and then opt for the treatment. Although there are more than 100 diffrent brands which are launching keratin treatment products every day, Denver Edwin swares by only couple of keratin product brands as he is personally tried and tested many.

He adds “my clients are very confident with me because i have diffrent types of keratin treatment which caters to diffrent hair conditions. And I always do a detailed consultation and history of what the hair has been through in the past as well.

Best Keratin Product

Edwin Denver , vouches on amazon series De fabulous keratin brand.

There are diffrerent types of product which can give you different results.

you wish to completely remove the frizz but do not wish to loose your wavyness / curls we have a certain type of product for such requirements as well.

Some clients do ask for very straight sleek look we do have a product for that as well

Key Benefits of Keratin?

Saves Time – unlike tradional texture change treatments like permanent smoothening / straightening which used to take 4hrs to 5 hrs, keratin treatment takes only less than 2 hrs to complete the tratment.

Frizz control – this treatment gives a smoother softer manageable hair texture

Silky & shine – keratin treatments is also known as protien infusion treatment which helps adding more shine and smoother hair. Damage control – some keratin products do work on cortex level of the hair , there by controls hair brakage

Damage control – some keratin products do work on cortex level of the hair , there by controls hair brakage

Some clients do ask for very straight sleek look we do have a product for that as well

Commonly Available Ingredients in Any Keratin Treatment?

Denver Edwin says, The keratin product which he used for his clients are enriched with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Keratin protein, Vitamin E & A, Acai Berry & silk protein, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, cysteine protein, dendrobium orchid flower, cocoa seed butter etc.

There are osme keratin brands which has minimal amount of 0.1% formal de hyde in it. There are also other types of keratin brand which 100% formal dehyde free product. there is a special type of keratin which is a super oganic luxurious keratin product which has no chemicals and made of natural ingredients. Edwin Denver says he loves the result on his clients hair and works amazingly well even on resistant hair!

Some clients do ask for very straight sleek look we do have a product for that as well

Isn’t Formaldehyde Dangerous?

Part of the concern with keratin treatments revolve around one of the ingredients found in most traditional salon formulas: formaldehyde. In keratin treatments, it’s responsible for locking the hair into that new straight and smooth position for months. But these treatments don’t actually contain formaldehyde, because, well, it’s a known carcinogen. What they contain instead is ingredients like methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and methanediol, that release the carcinogenic compound when mixed with water during the treatment. So while the formula might technically be formaldehyde-free, it’s not once mixed with water.

Give us some tricks & tips to maintain keratin for longer period of time

Do not expose your hair to hard water or chlorinated water.

Do not oil your hair or scalp both as it tends to strip off the keratin which was induced in to your hair.

Never use super market coloring products or henna on to your hair.

Home care product post keratin plays a key role in maintaining keratin in your hair. Make sure you invest in a good one as recommended by your stylist only.

Always be open and mention if you have medical conditions if any like if you are under any specific medication , hormonal pills or on a diet or pregnancy.

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